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Hoists Analysis

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Percussion ensemble GISD approves purchase of weight lifting equipment

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By Jesse Brackeen Sports Editor sports@gainesvilleregister.com Apr 25, 2017 Members of the Gainesville High School UIL state qualifying percussion ensemble perform Monday for the Gainesville ISD Board of Trustees during its monthly meeting. Members of the Gainesville Independent School District Board of Trustees passed several action items Monday during its regularly scheduled meeting including the purchase of weight room equipment. The board unanimously approved the purchase of weight room equipment for the Gainesville High School multipurpose facility, which is currently being built, totaling $95,000 $25,000 of which is coming from the athletic budget and the remaining $70,000 coming from the general fund balance. Staying on the athletic side of things, the board also approved a bid from Ponder Company Inc., a company out of Dallas, to replace the gymnasium floor at Gainesville Junior High School. The floor needs to be replaced after a pipe burst beneath the gym causing the gym floor to buckle, according to Gainesville ISD Superintendent Jeffery Brasher. Replacing the floors will cost $51,209 insurance will cover $34,317 and the district will pay $16,891. The board also unanimously approved the renewal of Gainesville ISDs food services contract with Aramark for the 2017-18 school year. Following the standard opening procedures, the Gainesville High School state qualifying percussion ensemble played a piece of music for the board and all in attendance. Brasher also recognized 30 students from Gainesville High School who advanced to the University Interscholastic League state finals in several events.

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She advanced quickly in the sport, demonstrating surprising strength. "Initially, we just thought it would be a fun way for the two of them to connect. We never dreamed she would compete," said Neshama. Soon she was breaking records. In 2012, she was dubbedthe world's strongest girl after she set the women's world record in the "raw squat," liftinga 215-pound barbell while crouchinginto a seated position. Her featearned her newspaper headlines. These days,herpurple bedroom is overflowingwith so many medals and trophies, it could be mistaken for a trophy store. At this point, Naomi has lost count of her records. That's not her priority. If I can break a record I always think that's very cool, but it's not my goal going in. I try to do my best and if I happen to break a record that's great and otherwise that's OK. Naomi Kutin Danny Aguirre of Florida,ajudge for the United States Powerlifting Association anda top powerlifter in the country, said Naomi's feats are extraordinary.

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